Happy National Coffee Day

Yay! It’s Friday!!! and…. questionably one of the greatest days of the year because…



This brings us to the question, what does one do to celebrate National Coffee Day? Well, obviously we are going to enjoy a nice cup of joe… but not just any ole’ cup. Nope.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Today is your 1 day of the 365 health conscious days in the year where YOU, my friend, shall indulge in the most delicious, creamy and smooth, flavorful cup of coffee. Whether this is a traditional Americano or a frothy Salted Caramel Latte, you enjoy every last sip! Heck… make it a Venti so that you can sip a little longer! But do not deny yourself the extra whip today. Allow yourself the extra calories and even a little chocolate syrup if that’s what your precious heart desires! It’s a once a year event, and I’m pretty sure we can classify this as an Official National Holiday… I mean, it was on my calendar!

In closing, I encourage you to share. Yes, that’s right, share the love (or coffee in this case). When ordering your absolutely ridiculous and most favorite coffee beverage ever, ask for two, then share. Indulge in yourself and take the warmth that your little cup offers you and share it with someone. It can be a complete stranger or perhaps the girl at the office who sits a few rows down from you. Maybe you’ll share it with your crush?? Or in my case, I’ll be sharing with my sweet, dear husband ❤

Have a fabulous National Coffee Day, friends! Don’t forget to share your favorite coffee indulgence in the comments below!

– the Wife

I leave you with these random (and ultrabasic) photos of me enjoying coffee on my personal social media accounts… Don’t you dare judge me. I’ll bet you a cup of joe there are pics like this on your Instagram page too!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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