PIKO tops are blowing our minds this Fall, and here’s why…

Happy Friday, ya’ll! Today, I’m sharing one of my personal favorites from September and Co. which is the PIKO! C’mon now, if you’ve ever shopped in a boutique in the southern states, you have come across a Piko top or two or five-thousand 😉

Let’s face it: WE LOVE PIKOS…. and here’s why:

  1. They’re comfy. Like really comfy.
  2. The sleeves make you feel really stinkin’ secure.
  3. Their flow effect is nice. (ahhhh finally, a top that you can breathe in… and eat a couple of sweets in..)
  4. They are made in all shapes and sizes… Just like us!!!
  5. They’re super flattering, like on everyone. No honestly, everyone.
  6. Also, you can style it a million different ways, as evidenced by my little home fashion photo shoot performed on the personal iPhone of yours truly…
Just basic. No twists or ties, wearing it as it is.
Little knot on the bottom corner. Cute for a casual look or with high waist jeans/shorts.
A knot in the back for a more slim look.
Showing off that knot haha

So… just a gentle suggestion to go ahead and order yours now before they are sold out! September and Co. just stocked back up with a plethora of styles, sizes, colors, lengths, etc. straight from PIKO! This is honestly my #1 Fall “go-to”. They travel well, and I am constantly finding new ways to style them with different outfits. Also, if you’re more into the see it before you buy it kind of shopping experience, September and Co. has their very own store front now! Yes!!! Book an appointment today for a Private Shopping Experience!

– the Wife

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