September 11

It was intended to be the day that would stop the heart beat of America
and shatter the hope of our nation.

Very simply put: It was the day a horrific tragedy occurred. Complete devastation surrounded us all, and then, the impossible happened:
We became ONE.

We supported one another.
We put our differences aside.
We loved each other.

and WE rebuilt what was intended to be stolen forever.

Today, September 11 is a day that does not pass us by without us remembering. It’s the date that stops you in your tracks. But do not be confused. We are not stopping in fear. No, and we are not stopping in doubt. We are stopping to remember those who were taken away from us, those who fought to protect us, and those who pulled us together and made us stronger than we were before.


Everyone shares their answer to the question: Where were you when the world stopped turning? I’m realizing that I’ve never publicly shared mine.

I was sitting in a classroom in a small church school in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. The administration decided to allow the parents to explain the events to us, and I did not learn about the attacks until my mom picked me up from school after both towers had fallen. I will never forget hearing her say, I always prayed that you would never be exposed to anything like this. I just wanted the world to be a safe place for you kids. Her heart was broken for our country; she was devastated. Up to that point, I had never seen my mother in a state of just pure brokenness. She was still strong, but I began to understand that our lives would be changed forever.

The world was now a different place.

What I learned in the months to follow was more than just the reality that our world is not always a safe place. I learned that for every evil in our world, there is a countering force of honor, strength, dignity, kindness, and love. I learned that complete strangers are capable of providing the support necessary to survive the unthinkable. And regardless of the things that divide us on a very regular basis, when met with the most intimidating hatred and threatening acts of terrorism, we RISE UP and STAND UNITED simply because we are American, and that’s just what we do. 

September 11Never Forget

I’m sure you already have, but just in case, this is a reminder to stop.
Stop whatever it is that you are doing, and take a moment of silence. 
Honor those who are no longer with us. Honor their families. 
Honor their loved ones, and thank God that we are America.


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