Leaving Your Mark On This Beautiful World

I can’t wait to see the mark that you leave on this beautiful world.
It’s unlike any other mark & only YOU can leave it.

In life, we have the opportunity to leave impressions on people, start and complete tasks, change the lives of others, and make an impact on the world around us. In some way or another, we all leave an individual mark on this beautiful world. What’s unique about each mark is that they are like snowflakes. No mark is exactly the same. Even when we try to be like Mother Theresa and Grace Kelly, it’s only just that, trying to be like them. We can never leave the exact same mark as another person and simply put: it’s because we are supposed to be leaving our own mark.

I am fortunate enough to have surrounded myself with women who have trained their minds to automatically think this way. Growing up in the pageant world, I have seen such a shift from everyone being similar versions of each other, to everyone claiming to not be a typical pageant girl, to us all learning to naturally embrace who we are and all of our similarities and differences. It’s a really awesome time in pageantry because we are all feeding off of each other’s new ability to be authentic and genuine.

In honor of Miss America this week and standing alongside one of my best friends as she competes for this title, I want to encourage you to leave your mark. Victoria is leaving hers, and she has already left such an impression on our state. Her footprint didn’t begin the moment she was crowned, it began the moment she was born. Like her, yours was too. What is your mark on this world? Not what is it going to be… but what is it already?

My mark is being left in some of the most random places, and I’m learning that every time I pour my heart into something, it’s my way of leaving a little piece of myself for someone else. I hope that at the end of my time here in this beautiful place we call home, I will have left pieces of my heart scattered all over the earth. I don’t want my mark to look like anyone else’s, and I don’t want any one else to try to make their mark look like mine. I sincerely pray that you will find the mark that you are already leaving, embrace it, and make it the best that it can be.

– the Wife

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