When You Fall Into the Motions and Out of the Spirit

Hey friends, I am sending something stronger than good vibes your way. I am lifting you up in prayer as I write this post. I’m not sure who will end up reading this, but I know that at least 1 person will, so I’m writing this while I prayerfully consider each and every person who may come across this blog post today, tomorrow, and any day in the future. You are prayed for.

I’ve been struggling to put my thoughts into words recently, and the downfall is fewer posts for you all. Some call it writer’s block, but I know that’s not what’s going on. I’ve been stuck in a muck. It happens to the best of us, and for me, when that happens, it’s really tough to get out. I try to go to the source and figure out how I got here, and this time, I got here by forgetting the promise.

The Motions

I figured this out when I realized that I haven’t been so in touch with Jesus recently. It sounds crazy because I was just recently in Israel standing in some of the holiest places on earth. And just a couple weeks ago, I was on a missions trip attempting to be the hands and feet of God’s work. In the midst of this, I fell into the motions and out of the spirit. 

Let me tell you right now, I could not have been this honest with you a year ago. Heck, I probably didn’t have the courage to tell you this even a month ago. And I know that because I didn’t have the courage to tell myself that. But, the reality is that it happens.

Even in our efforts to live as authentically as possible, we fail sometimes.

As I’m getting back into swing of things, I’m praying that God will make me work for it. I don’t just want to be back where I was before. I want more. I want to know Him on the deepest level. This year for me has been all about personal growth. I forfeited new years resolutions in January so that I could be 100% focused on finding God everywhere that 2017 planned to take me. I still think that has been accomplished, but somewhere along the way, I forgot to experience God. That might sound weird, so let me explain.

It’s one thing to know God. It’s another to experience Him.

Thankfully, He has answered my prayers and allowed me to see Him pretty much everywhere I’ve been this year. Seriously, what a blessing. I feel like the curtain has been lifted this year because I genuinely see Him everywhere. His hands are in everything, and having the gift of seeing that is something I don’t deserve. I haven’t valued this privilege, but that is changing for me now.

The Promise

The promise. Jesus is the promise. He was our promise way back in the earliest days of man’s existence. Essentially, He was God’s gift to us for our example on how to live life as a Christian on this earth. When you don’t know what to do, it’s simply because you don’t have the knowledge of that promise. Knowledge is power, and Jesus is knowledge.

As I said earlier, I’ve been stuck in a muck. I’ve been feeling so far from God, wondering if I’m still living in His plan or if I’ve fallen by the wayside. This muck is not from Him. He didn’t give me this mess that I am in. No, that’s from the enemy, and it’s finally about time that I realized that.

God has given me the eyes to see clearly. He has answered my prayers to see Him everywhere and in everything. He promised to provide for me, and He has done that so many times over. But He also promised wisdom and understanding in times of need.

My muck is the result of forgetting this promise.

Here are a few things that I want you to remember in preparation for the muck:

  • He wouldn’t have promised us a way out if there wasn’t going to be any muck.
  • Without times of muck, there would be no need for a promise.
  • He only gives us peace because we need it. And why do we need peace, you ask? Because we sometimes, we are stuck in the muck.

You may call it something different like trouble, bad vibes, not feeling yourself, etc. I choose to call it muck, and I don’t want to be stuck in it any longer. My way out is to remember the promise, focus on the journey, and to remember what I prayed for. I asked God to open my eyes, and He did. Now, it’s my responsibility to use what He has given me, to share with others, fight against the enemy, and remain so incredibly humbled at His gift of sharing His presence with me.

– the Wife

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for always showing up, even when I don’t. Thank you for revealing your presence to me over the past several months.Thank you for always answering my prayers, even when I’m not faithful. Your presence means everything to me.

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