Israel + Day 8

Hey guys! As you know, we took a slight blogging break from last week to catch up on some much needed sleep and recovery from our incredible Israel trip! I haven’t shared about our last 3 days yet, so I’ll start here with Day 8!

Day 8:

  • Walked through the Garden Tomb
  • Visited the Western Wall – Israeli Soldier Swearing-In Ceremony
  • Toured through the Jewish Quarters in the Old City
  • Attended a Ministry of Tourism Meeting with Rabi David Luis
  • Learned an Israeli Folk Dance
  • Dinner with friends in Bethlehem

To keep the theme of our previous posts, I’ll share the day through pictures! This day started bright and early around 6am, and we didn’t get back to the hotel until after midnight…. but let me tell you, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing! Every moment was amazing!


Such a surreal experience! We took a lengthy tour through the beautiful gardens, and we visited the actual tomb where Jesus was laid to rest.
This is claimed to be the actual tomb. Lots of speculation about this, but from visiting the other proclaimed spots, I agree that this is the place.
He is Risen!!!
This is what the Bible references in Luke 23:33. “The Skull” and Mount Calvary
This is the entrance to the Western Wall.
It was truly an honor to meet some of the soldiers while visiting the Western Wall. I could write an entire series on how brave these guys and girls are. Please remember to pray for them and their safety. They are mandated to serve 2 years in the military once they turn 18, both girls and boys.
These are some of the new soldiers preparing for their swearing-in ceremony.
This is Rabi David Luis. He is quite musical and played several instruments for us at the Ministry of Tourism.
This was truly one of the highlights of the entire trip! We met an incredible family while on our trip, and we quickly became friends with them. Sweet Nada prepared a delicious dinner and hosted us in her home. We are so looking forward to coming back to visit them!!

I’m so sad that our trip has come to an end, but writing these last couple of blogposts is allowing me to reminisce on some wonderful memories. Israeli culture doesn’t compare to anything I have experienced in other countries. I encourage you to visit if you ever get the chance!

– the Wife

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