Israel + Day 4

Wow, just wow. 

Good morning, friends! Today has been one for the books, y’all. Our tour took us all over Israel, especially around Tiberias and Galilee. We basically trailed where Jesus did his entire ministry. The only way I know how to tell today’s story is through pictures, so we will start with our morning visit to Galilee where we visited an incredible museum. 

This is a boat that was discovered and buried underneath the beaches at the Sea of Galilee.

Then, we took a little walk over to the Sea of Galilee and boarded a beautiful boat that sailed us all over the sea! We had a mini church service, enjoyed some praise and worship, danced together, laughed together, and really just had a wonderful time! 

All aboard!
We loved spending this day together!
Praise and Worship
Church on the Sea!!
I’m pretty sure YOSO… you only sail on the Sea of Galilee once! What a day!

After that, I truly didn’t think the day could get any better. But…. that was right about the time when we stopped to visit the site where Jesus performed the miracle as He fed the 5000 with only a couple of fish and a few loaves. For obvious reasons, this was extremely special, and if you’re not sure why, read yesterday’s post: Israel + Day 3. Nonetheless, the day did get better! 

This is the church where Jesus performed many miracles, one being the feeding of the 5000.
One of our close friends, Chris, reading the passage of the miracle where Jesus fed the 5000.
I was pretty overwhelmed at the thought of being in the place where my favorite Bible story actually took place.

After this incredible stop, we headed to Capharnaum and visited Peter’s house and a synagogue that has almost been completely excavated. We were able to view the oldest carving of the Star of David know to man. 

Star of David
Standing inside the original synagogue
These are actual ruins of excavated rooms from Peter’s home.

At this point, I was totally convinced the day had peaked and really could not possibly get any better. Again. I was wrong. We ended our day at the Jordan River where 50 people from our group were baptized, including me! 

Me and the Hubs at the Jordan River before the baptism
They had this scripture painted like this in almost every language all through the gardens and walk by the river.
Overlooking the Jordan

So, today was pretty indescribable. God didn’t just show up, He showed up in a big way! I sincerely hope that if you get anything out of these last couple of blogposts that you understand just how incredibly humbling it is to walk on the same streets that our Savior walked on many years ago. It sounds cliche, but it is not. It’s the most assuring and enlightening experience of life. 

– theWife 

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