Earth Day 

Today is a day that is celebrated by many and ignored my most, but we encourage you to celebrate today in the simplest of ways. The concept of Earth Day didn’t quite mean anything to us until we had the privilege of traveling and exploring so many places around the world. We live in a really cool world, and that something that we can celebrate! Not sure how to show love to planet earth today? That’s okay! Here’s a few things we like to do to celebrate our beautiful Earth:

  1. Step outside & Just breathe.
  2. Go for a walk.
  3. Bump it up a notch and make that walk a run.
  4. Or a bike ride.
  5. If you’re near water, go for a swim.

It might seem silly, but researchers have provided evidence to support that being outside in nature can help in treating anxiety, depression, stress, etc. I think of that as Earth just loving on us a little. If you’re stressed or overwhelmed, let Earth love on you today! 

– the Wife

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