The Breakfast Room

Hey, fellow foodies! The Hubs and I came across an adorable breakfasty, brunchy diner today, and we just had to share it with you! The Breakfast Room is in West Toronto (on the edge of Etobicoke). It’s easy to miss as it’s hidden behind some construction currently.

The vibe in this place was great! They were playing covers of old and new pop songs, but with a really chill vibe. The interior was very “Diner meets City” and had a kind of trendy feel to it. Super clean with great patterns and lines throughout. Overall, it was just super charming! They specialize in all types of Breakfast dishes, omelets, fresh squeezed juices, and their coffee is absolutely to die for!


I ordered the Florentine Omlette with a side of bacon. I was a little iffy on ordering the bacon since it was $5 for a side, but when it arrived, I rejected all shame for paying that much for bacon! It was extra thick but still crispy, and they must have given me like 10 pieces of bacon…. Well worth the price. I also had a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice which was delicious, and I had a coffee. Ya’ll…. this coffee was goooood. Like hold the cream and sugar good.

The Hubs ordered the Rooms Big Breakfast which included eggs, home fries, bacon, ham, pancakes and toast. This was a great deal for the price! He also had a fresh squeezed juice and went with OJ, and of course, he had a coffee on the side. He was just as thrilled about his meal and has deemed this our new “Breakfast Place.”

If you’re ever in the area and want to grab a quick bite, we totally recommend! It’s also super close to our house, so odds are, we might see you there!

– the Wife

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