Avoid Jet Lag with These Tricks

Hey ya’ll, so we’ve been around the world and back in the last couple of weeks! I can’t wait to share our adventures with you! This trip was full of adventurous food, spontaneous God Moments, and friends who became family. Personally, it felt like EatPrayWife was a little bird sitting on my shoulder during the entire trip because everything that happened, I was like.. Oh, I SO have to blog about that!! Anyways, since we were successful in avoiding jet lag on our 30+ hour journey back home, I thought I should share, because… sharing is caring.

Before we boarded the plane that began our 30+ hour journey, we planned for the worst and hoped for the best. Jet lag is no joke. We’ve been there, barely survived, and lived to tell about it. This time, we were DETERMINED to fight it at all costs! Here are the things we did that helped us successfully prepare and avoid any symptoms of jet lag.

Travel Essentials: Before we go through our travel plan, refresh yourself with the list of essentials we recommend for your next long journey!

Pre-Flight Planning Stage


Water is life. Literally. (Not figuratively..) No like really, in all seriousness, water IS life. Start drinking WATER,  not juice, not soda, not coffee, but WATER a day or two before your flight. Don’t worry about how many times you might have to go to the bathroom. Trust me, it will be worth it in the end. Drink up!! Go for 1-2 Liters a day.


This might not make sense, but after being in dry air on a plane for so many hours, your skin takes a beating. Prepare for this by applying body lotion all over 2-3 times a day starting a few days before your flight. In this case, more is best. (Less is NOT more.)


I’m talking Vitamin C tabs, fresh squeezed Orange Juice, Echinacea, Gatorade, Emergency Packs, etc. Take them all and prepare your body to be exposed to the 100+ other people who you will come in contact within the next day or so. Planes are like the breeding grounds for sickness, so prepare your body by building up your immune system.


The Hubs and I always cherish the last meal before a  flight. To us, it’s like breakfast: the most important meal of the day lol Get a good healthy, heavy protein packed meal. Nothing too spicy or weird, something easy for your stomach to handle. Carbs are good, but be mindful of bloaty food.


On long flights, go for comfort. Loose fitting clothing, thick fuzzy socks (my fave!), layers, sweat pants or flowy pants, cardigans, baggy sweatshirts. These are some of my wardrobe go-tos on long flights. Tight leggings and skinny jeans are NOT your friend.

During-Flight Traveling Stage


As soon as you get to your seat, put everything in the overhead. Make sure it’s close to you so that you can access it throughout the flight. Don’t worry about getting everything out yet, just make sure you have enough room to store your stuff before hooking that seat belt. Be mindful of others, don’t push or make any enemies…. You will likely be with these people for the next several hours, so keep the peace 😉


Every time you are offered a drink, accept it and go for the water. Soda will be tempting, so if you grab a one, also get a water to go along with it. I cannot stress how important this is! Hot tea is also your friend, especially herbals. If your throat starts to become sore, sip on some hot tea, and rest.


Change your phone, laptop, watch to your final destination’s time zone. Go ahead and trick your mind into thinking you are in the next time zone. This helps to start getting into the mindset, especially if you are traveling through a couple of time zones. It feels weird at first, but eventually your body will start to find it’s way into the right zone.


This goes along with the time zone advice. If it is night time in your upcoming timezone, then go to sleep. If it’s day time, then stay awake. This really helps with the sleep issues related to Jet lag. If you can start getting back into the right routine, then that will really help you in the long run.


Whenever they offer food, eat it. Even if you’re not hungry, just try. The airlines set you on a food schedule that is supposed to help with jet lag, so just trust them if they give you a dinner meal when it feels like breakfast lol


This is awkward, but really no one cares so just do it. Even if you just stretch in your seat, something is better than nothing. Stand up and reach down your toes, reach to the sky, twist around. Circulation is key to avoiding jet lag, so if you can keep everything limber and stretched out, then that will help. Also, I just learned this on our flight to Korea: If you take your thumbs and press them inside of your eyes (above your nose) and press firmly for about 10 seconds, it can help with any relief or pressure in your your head.


By now, you are in the air unable to communicate with the outside world or go online (unless they have wifi and you splurge). This can be hard for some of us. Trust me, I go a little stir crazy after a few hours in the air. Change it up and block out your time. If you only have enough movies for half the flight, space them out to maximize entertainment time. Do a walk through of the plane. Go to the back and get a drink. Go to the bathroom. Play an iPhone game.

Post-Flight Arriving Stage


I know ya’ll think I’m crazy by now, but seriously, keep hydrating. This is crucial to avoiding the jet lag headache and dryness from long journeys.


I’m usually famished by the time I get off of a long flight. The Hubs and I have a routine of ordering a pizza on the way home from the airport so that it arrives about the same time we do 😉 It works out quite nicely!


If your flight works out to put you home or to your final destination in the afternoon, try to just take it easy and roll right into your new time zone. Go to bed early, but not too much earlier than your usual time. You’ll be exhausted, and that’s okay. Take care of yourself on your first day. If you arrive in the morning, I am so sorry…. Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait it out and save any napping for bed time. If you go to sleep once you arrive, you will have a much harder time adjust 😦

Well, this ended up being much longer than intended, so if you hung in there until the end, Thank you! I hope these tips will help you on your next long travel journey between time zones! Happy and safe travels, friends.

– the Wife


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