Reminders of Home

Hey ya’ll, our post today is going to be a little short, but it is one that will make you laugh, and laugh, and laugh. (hopefully 😉 ).

  • If you’re reading this and you live down South, BBQ is a version of pulled pork either doused in vinegar or another sauce of sorts.
  • If you’re reading this and you live above the Mason Dixon, BBQ is a version of a grill that is used to cook steaks, corn on the cob, chicken, etc.

This little gal did not quite grasp that concept until recently, and it was after reading a road sign that seemed very exciting at first, but then it left her confused and later a little disappointed.

The sign read: BBQ Refills TODAY!

Instantly, I started thinking Wow! BBQ refills?! That must be like an All-You-Can-Eat BBQ joint. I’ll have to check that out with the Hubs. I would kill for some good BBQ. 

Then, as I got a little closer to the sign, I realized it was outside of a gas station, and they were choosing the word BBQ as a replacement word for Propane…. This only makes sense if you’re Canadian or Northern, but I quickly learned that BBQ Refill is not an All You Can Eat BBQ Restaurant.

That little road sign was in fact an advertisement for Propane Tank Refills for your own Personal BBQ, or as well call it in the South, a Grill…

Hope ya’ll enjoy my silly little life and the times I totally misread and misunderstand cultural lingo. This was not a first and certainly will not be the last. Until next time, folks.

– the Wife



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