What to Eat on a Weekend Trip in Montreal

Good morning, fellow foodies! Have you ever gone on a trip focused on one thing and leaving totally focused on another? That’s what our first trip to Montreal was like… We went there with a long list of sites to see, and we came back mainly talking about the food we ate. Of course, the sites were incredible and unlike anything I had ever seen, but the food…. The food was amazing!!!

A weekend getaway to Montreal has become a Valentine’s weekend tradition for the Hubs and me, and we are going to share our list of food must haves while we’re there!

Where to Eat on a Weekend Trip in Montreal

Breakfast/Brunch: Eggspectation

Start your day here for a fantastic breakfast or brunch. The name is perfect for this restaurant because the can pretty much make any eggy cuisine you could imagine! Their coffee is fantastic. The juice was great. It’s reasonably priced, and you leave feeling energized and ready for the day.

Breakfast/Brunch: Chez Suzette

We stumbled upon this place while on our second trip, and it immediately joined the list. The crepes were AMAZING, and the quiche was fantastic! When we first walked in, it looked like an ordinary coffee shop type restaurant, but then they walked us through a narrow stairway up to the second floor that was an open space with tables placed throughout the room. We were sat by the window with a beautiful view of Old Montreal. It was lovely ❤


Coffee Break: Van Houtte Cafe Bistro

You think Starbucks is good?? Go here instead! Their regular brew is fantastic, as well as, their specialty drinks and lattes. I tried a hazelnut latte, and it was just the perfect blend of flavor and sweetness. Not too sweet, and not bitter at all. They also had an assortment of delicious pastries and a variety of cold drinks that were available for purchase.

Dinner: 3 Amigos

(photo via 3 Amigos’ FB page)

This restaurant is truly the reason that we went back to Montreal for the second time. The food was so amazing that it was well-worth the 4.5 hour drive. Everything is good here: Enchilladas, Tacos, Chips and Salsa, Desserts, etc. It’s all good and again, worth the drive, wherever you are!

Dinner: MacBar et Fromage


This was an adventurous find for us. It was towards the end of the day on our last day of the trip, and we were starting to get hungry. We decided to pull up instagram and search hashtags for #montrealfood which led us here, and we were NOT disappointing! The Hubs is a bit of a cheese connoisseur, and well, I just like good comfort food. This place was incredible! The staff and chef take such pride in all of the dishes and helped us in picking out the perfect entree’s. You can pretty much order mac n cheese on anything!! It was super delish and may be the new reason we go back!

Dinner: Gibby’s

(photo via Gibby’s FB page)

This is definitely a place to try while in Montreal, especially if you are visiting for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, a Birthday or Anniversary, etc. We shared a Valentine’s dinner here in 2016, and it was really over the top in terms of luxury and top notch service and cuisine. The Hubs and I don’t go here often, but when we have a special occasion coming up, we always add this to the options for dinner dates!

Dessert: Juliette et Chocolate

(photo via Juliette & Chocolate’s IG page)

You have never truly enjoyed dessert until you have indulged in a whirlwind of chocolatey goodness at Juliette’s! They have everything from Gourmet Hot Chocolate tastings, to chocolate fondue, even a cheese fondue for those without a sweet tooth! We must warn you… Do not visit here immediately after eating at one of our Dinner Recommendations lol Walk off your dinner and then head over to Juliette’s. It’s like having a full dessert entree.

We hope you will enjoy some of these restaurants on your next trip to Montreal! If you have any other suggestions that we left out, leave them in the comments!! Have a great one!

– the Wife

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