Review: 10 Awesome Ikea Products

Hello, sweet friends! Today, I’m reviewing some of my personal favorites from the wonderful furniture store, IKEA. Before moving to Canada and starting married life with the hubs, I had never been to IKEA. To me, it was like every other furniture store out there, except more modern. That idea in my head quickly changed the day I stepped foot into the largest IKEA in North America… which happens to be right down the street from our condo

Reasons to shop at IKEA:

  1. It’s affordable.
  2. Pretty much everything is chic and modern.
  3. It’s affordable.
  4. They literally have everything from a measuring cups to couches, to trendy bar carts, and children’s toys.
  5. Oh, yeah, and it’s affordable.

Reasons not to shop at IKEA:

  1. You throw out instruction manuals when putting stuff together.
  2. You don’t like good deals.
  3. You hate having super cool stuff in your house.
  4. You don’t enjoy eating while you shop.
  5. You’d rather buy more expensive, basic stuff from somewhere else.

JK on #5… but not on #1… Their instructions are intense! Anyways, this was supposed to be a 10 item post, but I was looking at all the stuff in our condo, my home office, my husband’s home office, our offices at work, and I just couldn’t narrow it down to 10 items. Everything that I have purchased there is on my favorite items from IKEA list. I have never been disappointed. That being said, I’m going to share our IKEA finds with you 😉

IKEA Favorites:

1 ROBERGET Swivel Chair in Turquoise:

This is my desk chair in my home office.
Love the color and whole look of the chair!
I have a black and white stripped blanket
that I drape over the back.
They used to have a matching bar cart!

TOBIAS Chair, transparent, chrome plated: 

I have 2 of these in my office at work.
They’re surprisingly comfortable.
I just love the fresh, clean look of them.
They come in a  variety of colors too!


ALEX Drawer unit with 9 drawers in white: 

This unit has completely changed my life.
I have this next to my vanity. It holds my
cosmetics, jewelry, hair care, etc.
This thing seriously makes me so happy!!!

Letter tray in white: 

For someone who gets literally no mail,
I thought a letter tray would be a ridiculous.
However, it keeps all of my non-mail paper
items extremely organized.

ALEX Drawer unit in white: 

This is the baby version of the 9 drawer unit.
I use 2 of these as legs on my desk at work.
It really maximizes my storage options and
makes for a sturdy foundation.

 Bookcase in white: 

At first, I just like this bookshelf because
they named it Billy.
I have these in both of my offices.
Affordable, nice looking and functional.

FUGA Ceiling spotlight in chrome: 

This truly is one of my top 5 fave IKEA products.
We have 3 of them in our condo.
They give off just enough light to bright a walkway
or staircase, and you can angle the lights!

SOLLEFTEÅ Ceiling lamp in white: 

This is the ceiling light in my home office.
The ceiling is low in there, so this is perfect.
It was super easy to put together and install.
Again, just the perfect amount of lighting.

KLABB Table lamp in off-white:  

This is my go-to for table lamps.
Personally, I just love the design!
It also happens to have a big brother
that you can see below 🙂

KLABB Floor lamp in off-white: 

Not to be vain, but this lamp gives off
the absolute perfect selfie lighting…
I have one in our living room.
The light is dimmable which is a nice feature!

SINNERLIG Table lamp, frosted glass, cork: 

This is the hubby’s big IKEA find.
He has this in his home office, and it
coordinates perfectly with his cork desk.
(Also from IKEA)

MALM Dressing table in white: 

Also in my top 5 favorites from IKEA.
This is my vanity, and it’s 100% perfect!
The drawer in the front is great for storage.
There are several mirror options to match.

FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed, Skiftebo dark gray: 

Another hubby find, and it’s AMAZING!
He keeps it in his home office for extra seating.
It turns into a bed, obvi., but it also stores its
own bedding under the chase.

These are just some of our faves. Others are either no longer available, so I didn’t think it was fair to share. Or, I just forgot about it and will post about them later in a second review of the fascinating IKEA! Below are some pictures of how we styled our home with these products. If you have a store near you, check it out and share your favorites in the comments below!!
– the Wife
Scroll over image to see which items are from IKEA!


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