The Scoop on Salsa

Happy Tuesday, friends! Typically, our tummies are filled with Tacos on Tuesdays, and we tend to enjoy a little chips and salsa on the side. So, today we are going to share our thoughts on salsa! We’ve been around the block or two trying salsa everywhere we go! The lists below include the best salsa on the shelf and in restaurants. ENJOY!!


The Milds

  • Que Pasa – Personally, I’m not a mild salsa gal, but I’ll dip my chip in this one.
  • La Caretta in Virginia – They’re house salsa is on the mild side, and it’s so delish! Actually, everything there is delish haha (Fun Fact: If you visit the kitchen at the Wards Rd. location, you’ll find a wedding portrait of yours truly!)

The Mediums

  • Chipotle – Their tomatillo green-chili salsa is truly life changing.
  • Jack’s Special Medium – This finely mixed medium salsa is just enough heat for our kitchen. Lots of flavor, lots of spice, but still smooth and easy to enjoy.

The Flavors

  • Tres Amigos – Their house salsa is peach/mango flavor, and it’s amazing!
  • Black Label Peach & Mango – This brand kills the salsa game!  Their peach/mango is out of this world!

Salsa Verde

Holy Guacamole

  • El Catrin – Hands down, the best guac I’ve ever had! They make it fresh, right in front of your table 🙂
  • Grocery Store Guac Fail:  This was my attempt at serving chips and guac at the Super Bowl Party this past Sunday.. It was bad, not just a little bad, but real bad. After one scoop, I just dumped it out.

The Queso

  • Gordo’s Cheese Dip – Alas, finally a cheese dip that you can eat at home! This stuff is exactly like the cheese dip you’ll find in Mexican restaurants. So lovely!!! haha

These are some of our faves, but tbh nothing compares to an authentic home-made salsa. We are often spoiled with this on our trips to Central America, and seriously NOTHING COMPARES!!! We hope you will enjoy some of these suggestions and let us know how you like them! Also, tell us your faves in the comments below!

– the Wife

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