Valentine’s Day Gift Planning

Good day to ya! Happy Valentine’s Month ❤

Today, we are sharing our collection of Valentine’s Day gifts! We’ve got you covered from kindergarten card kits to Gifts for Her, for Him, and even a little surprise for you!

Kid’s Ideas

I remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school being SO much fun! Our teachers would have us make little paper mailboxes that we would decorate with hearts and kisses and sparkley things. We would work on this for weeks it seemed like, and then on Valentine’s Day, each student would bring in box of Valentine’s cards or candies, etc., and we would put one in everyone’s mailboxes. Ahhh it was so much fun! I loved reading all the little cards and laughing at the funny ones. Here are a few ideas to shake up Valentine’s Day for your kids!

  • Father-Daughter Valentine’s Breakfast (pssst… don’t forget the flowers, Dad!)
  • Father-Son Sports Outing (batting cages, fishing, driving range, etc.)
  • Mother-Daughter Mani/Pedi  (Spoil her a little 😉 )
  • Mother-Son Valentine’s Breakfast (Get dressed up!)

Maybe your kids are older, and some of these seem a little weird… If they’re in college, you could always mail them a little Love Day care package! My mom and dad did that for me every year in undergrad, and it was the highlight of my Valentine’s Day!!

Gifts for Him

Okay, so first things first, unless you are like REALLY good at making stuff, don’t. Unless of course, it’s your first Valentine’s Day and ya’ll are on the same page about being budget friendly. (Communicate about this!!! Seriously!!) The reason I even make this point is because my first Valentine’s Day with Hubs, he knocked it out of the park! I woke up to my roommate handing me like 30 super long stem roses, TOMS shoes (with the little hearts on them), and a box of chocolates. Then, he took me and my bestie for a full on luxurious spa day complete with a full-body massage and facial (yes, for both of us girls!). Then, to top it all off, we went to a really fancy dinner where he gave me my last gift, which was a little blue box. Inside, I found a gold Tiffany&Co. Key with our initials inscribed on the back. SO ROMANTIC, right?! Wanna know what I got him??? A scrapbook. Yep. I made the boy a scrapbook. Don’t be me! It’s incredibly humiliating! I way upped my game the next year, and we had a little talk about pacing ourselves on the showering of gifts lol

  • Sporting Gear (i.e. a specific golf club, new cleats or sneaks, something he WANTS)
  • Tech Accessories (i.e. wireless headphones, charging phone case, etc.)
  • Jack Spade (It’s literally the Kate Spade for men, and it doesn’t disappoint. Anything from here is great!)

These are just a few ides. I went to the Hubs for advice, and these were some of his answers. He said that guys appreciate really sentimental gifts or something that they LOVE but would never buy themselves. Some specifics were like a video game that they’ve been dying over or a something that they’ve maybe mentioned and kinda forget about.

Gifts for Her

Gosh, this one is so easy that I don’t even feel like writing it! Guys, you can get us pretty much anything, as long ass you treat us right! Haha ❤ If you really need a few ideas, here ya go:

  • Flowers (Unless she explicitly tells you that she does not like flowers, this is a must.)
  • Chocolates (Again, see note above.)
  • Jewelry – This is such an easy go to, but be careful with this one. Go for something she has pointed out to you or something you know 100% she will love. Also, if ya’ll are 1 month in, maybe wait ’til next year. 
  • Beauty Products – Yeah, I know why this sounds weird to guys, but girls love when you know what they love, and they love beauty products. Spoil her with a bag of her favorite stuff!
  • Sporting Gear (if she prefers that over the others!)

If you’re still not sure what to get her, then create yourself a little Pinterest account and snoop on her boards to see what she likes. Most girls have a board like WAAAAANT or NEED THIS IN MY LIFE  or even something simple like Wishlist. This is pretty much how I shop for all of my friends. You’re welcome.

Hope you enjoy our tips for Valentine’s Day ❤ Remember, it’s not about the stuff. It’s about the day and how you make each other feel! Take time out to spend with that one special someone who makes your life better just by being in it! That can be a significant other, a friend, your kids – it’s different for everyone!

– the Wife (and a little help from the Hubs who still has that scrapbook.)


Enjoy this little gem from our first Valentine’s Day ❤
Feb. 14, 2012

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