Review: Influenster VoxBox FREE Bite Beauty products

Saturday’s are soooo my favorite day of the week, and today, @Influenster made my Saturday even better @BITEBeauty products! I received my very first Influenster Vox Box in the mail today!

In the box, Influenster included BITE Beauty’s #TheLipPencil and two coordinating lipsticks to go along with the two lip pencils. The colors were absolutely beautiful. There were two contrasting colors, one being very neutral and one being rather dark. My review for these items are below! All product sent in my box were completely free for testing in reviewing purposes. #contest

1. #TheLipPencils are so smooth and glide easily on skin. They didn’t pull or break easily. Very moisturizing without feathering!

2. Lipsticks are mint flavored, so nice! Super moisturized while keeping their pigment. Rich colors.

3. Colors: Love the left #Honeycomb 💕 The perfect nude lip, finally!! The right #Whiskey is super fun for going out. It’s a little dark for me, but I was surprised at how much I liked it after wearing it for a while.

Overall, I will give them a five out of five on the star scale! I love the products. I love the mint scent, and I even love the colors they chose! My on boxing experience has been super fun, and I sure hope that I get another in the future!

If you’re an influencer but you’re not on Influenster, I encourage you to go ahead and download the app today. Start reviewing, start sharing your ideas, and start answering questions about products. Before you know it, you could have your very own VoxBox!

– the Wife

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