Happy Place

Hey, Ya’ll! Hope everyone is having a beautiful day and enjoying their week so far. It’s almost Friday, yay!! Today is #wifeyconfessional no. 2! I’m going to share with you how I found my happy place and how my husband personally invested in creating a happy space for me.

 My Happy Place

Born and raised in Raleigh, I was convinced that this was my place, but then I traveled and fell in love with other places that made me happy too. Naturally, I started to think they were my happy place. But I didn’t think I was allowed to have 2, so that was confusing. That’s when I started to realize that my happy place isn’t a place. I realized that it was about being with people who made me authentically happy. My happy place exists when I am around people who know who I am, challenge me to be who I am meant to be, and grow me into a more authentic me.

Sounds great, right? Well, it does now, but I didn’t come to this realization until after accepting that I can have more than 1 happy place. This is where my hubs comes in. After we were married, this southern girl followed her Canadian Prince Charming to the arctic north… Just kidding, we moved to Toronto,  the southern most part of Canada, so… technically, we still live in the “South“. Anyways, that transition was interesting to say the least. Ya’ll, I’m just gonna be real. Moving to another country is hard. Yes, even when you have the love of your life by your side, it is still hard. It wasn’t a perfect transition, but then again, what is a perfect transition?

The hubs tried real hard to make Toronto my happy place, not in a forceful way or anything like that, but his heart’s desire was genuine as he hoped that I would love his hometown as much as he did. We joined a gym together, searched for a church, got jobs at the same place, and we became foodies. It still wasn’t really working for me though, and Toronto remained a place that I liked but not one that I was letting into the happy place club. Then we found a church, moved into a smaller community, and started renovations on our condo to make it feel like a home. Can I tell you that my husband created the most beautiful home office that I have ever seen,  and he made it just for me! He went through so much trouble getting matching book cases, a gorgeous desk, a full-scale make-up vanity set up and everything. He was trying to create a space that was just for me, one that I could claim and call my own. When I think back on that, I get all the feels. Even though I thought my happy place was Raleigh, and even though I was learning that my happy place was being around nurturing people, he knew that my happy space was about having something to call my own. So he made me one. &&& if that’s not love…

So, if you’re not sure where your happy place is, start thinking outside of the box. Just because some people have a “where” doesn’t me that you can’t have a “when”. My mother’s happy place is when she’s surrounded by her family. My friend’s happy place is when she’s serving on the mission field. My happy place is pretty much anywhere “my people” are, and it took me moving away from home into a house with my person to realize that.

– the Wife

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