Being Too Helpful

Good morning lovely wives, future wives, and those hoping to one day be wives!

How many of you made a new years resolution this year??? That’s probably most of us, and if you didn’t you might have made a resolution to “not have a resolution this year”… What about the ladies who made a resolution, got really excited about it, and then realized it wasn’t much fun doing this whole “life changing, and bettering one’s self” thing alone??? Girl, I have so been there!

Here’s to my first wifey confessional… I call it:
The Resolution that was too helpful 

Fresh starts and new beginnings are my jam. I love the 1st day of every month. Mondays feel great for 1 reason only, it’s the START of a new week! Don’t even get me started on the 1st day of a new year! Every year, I’m the first one to the gym, I’m meal prepping like a champ. My devotions are on point, and I’m trying real hard to be nice to everyone.

I had a grand idea for 2017. I decided that in 2017, I was going to be better than ever, and so the resolution planing began! Along the way, I even started making a few resolutions for my husband. (This was my grand idea… I would plan out both of our goals for the new year…) Well, I thought I had presented this idea beautifully, but my husband… not so much. I was all “Babe… New year, New you! What are your resolutions for 2017??? Here’s a few options!” and then I proceeded to offer said options… Honestly, in my mind, I thought was being proactive and helpful. However, upon further reflection, I realize that I was being a little too helpful. I didn’t know that he had already been planning out his own stuff. He didn’t need me to plan out his year or his resolutions. That’s when I realized, that’s not my job as his wife. My job is to support him in his resolutions, not to make them for him.

  1. Worry about yourself and your own resolution.
  2. Don’t make plans for others. Even your spouse.
  3. Change you, not them.

Enjoy your new year and these fresh starts! I encourage you to step back and let others do their own thing. Don’t meddle, and try to only involve yourself in matters that actually concern you.

– the Wife

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