When Faith Meets Schedules

How can faith be a part of your schedule, you ask? Let me tell show you.

I’ve planned out my whole life in 1 single app on my phone – the Calendar. This app tells me when to write a paper, when to leave for work, when to go to the gym, when to eat, when to grocery shop, basically when to do anything and everything I need to do. A while back, it even updated itself to tell me exactly what time I need to leave in order to make my appointments based on traffic and weather. When this change occurred, I just knew I was set for success! I walked through life for a while being bossed around by my handy iPhone, meeting deadlines and making appointments, but also feeling like a robot. There was no wiggle room for anything “extra,” and when I wanted to take a little break, I didn’t. Sometimes, I even needed a little brain relaxer, but if it wasn’t on the schedule, it wasn’t gonna happen.

One day, it just kinda hit me: I am not walking by faith. I was walking by the direction of an electronic device. Dear heavens, what would happen if I ever lost that precious device? I might actually have to walk by faith and not by sight…

I knew it was time for a schedule adjustment, but being my super planned and organized self, I was afraid this would be a little tricky. I started to reflect on times when I was super successful in accomplishing goals, without the need for a perfect schedule. My mind went to the missions trips I’d taken to Nicaragua. Plans during these trips are ever changing, sometimes for no clear reason at all. We could start the day with 1 itinerary and end up doing something completely different. Regardless of the circumstances, the outcomes are always successful. How is this possible? Because during these trips, we are walking by faith, letting our faith determine our schedule.

Now, this has to come with a certain level of professionalism and responsibility. You can’t just drop it all and start telling everyone, “Well, faith said I should just stay home and meditate today…” It doesn’t work quite like that. For me, faith meeting my schedule meant that I need to leave room in my schedule for “Faith Moments.” These are the moments that you don’t plan on. Moments like seeing someone you haven’t seen in a few years and properly taking the time to catch up, or taking a few minutes to talk to the homeless guy on the street to see if you actually did have a resource that could meet his need.

My challenge to you and your schedule is to let your faith sneak in for a few days. See what it’s like to not be all-encompassed by your schedule, and let your faith take over for a little while. I can’t promise it will be easy at first, but I can promise that if you do it with responsibility, you will enjoy the benefits. Let your faith meet your schedule 🙂

For we walk by faith, and not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 ESV



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