Don’t be salty.

We’ve talked about the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who uplift and encourage us. (See more here!) Now, it’s time to talk about being the people who uplift others and encourage them. We’ve learned that bad attitudes can be contagious, and now it’s our turn to practice our good attitudes for the sake of others and ourselves.

As usual, I went to Webster for a definition on the commonly used term, “Salty,” but I was left with a description of cholesterol filled and tasty food… However, when I asked one of my favorite teens, what it means to be “Salty,” she had the perfect description:

Salty is when you feel bad, upset, or angry about something you did or that was done to you. Like for example, Lindsay was salty because the lady in front of her got the last cupcake.

Our attitudes are just as contagious as the attitudes of those around us. Why is this relevant, you may ask… It’s relevant because with every little thing that goes wrong in our daily lives, we have a choice. To be sweet? or to be salty? It’s really, honestly, just that simple. Just because it may be a normal or natural response to have a negative attitude, you still have the choice to face a lame situation with a positive perspective.

While I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself to be salty on the regular…. I am very particular in how I like things to work in my life. I’m organized. I pre-plan most things. I’m prepared, well-read, and purpose focused.  Those qualities are great, but I am still human living in a world full of other humans. The great thing about us humans is that no matter how much pre-planning we accomplish, we are faulty little creatures that make so many itty bitty mistakes on a daily basis. In a tight schedule, there may not be room for mistakes, but when you zoom out and look at the big picture, you can always find a little wiggle room that makes things work out. (That’s the power of positive thinking, my friend.)

A piece of advice for when you are faced with the choice of salty or sweet: Learn from the experience, stand up for yourself, and always be sweet. Don’t allow yourself to say hurtful things as a quick response to unpleasant experiences. It will not make you feel better, and you will regret it. Even if you get a little bit of momentary satisfaction, you’ll think back on it later with a better response. It’s a true art form to carefully articulate yourself in a way that expresses how you feel without hurting those around you, even if you are expressing a feeling that is displeasing to others. That’s for another post though 🙂

For now, just remember: Nothing good ever comes from being salty.


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