20 Meaningful Ways to Fill Your Time


Maybe it’s a lazy Saturday or a daily boredom that you experience. Here’s a list of 20 ideas to fill your unused time, instead of binge-watching Netflix or killing it at those IPhone games 🙂

  1. Purge your closet. Pull out anything that you aren’t going to wear and bag it up for donations.
  2. Google – “Outreach Opportunity in (insert your city)” and go with it.
  3. Join a small group. If you’re in church, they have great resources.
  4. Volunteer in a local soup kitchen.
  5. If you’re dedicated to your couch, watch the news or something current/live.
  6. Pick up a book. (or listen to an eBook)
  7. Jump on Pinterest for a work out idea (Don’t get sucked in!), and then try out a routine.
  8. Research a cause or topic you are interested in learning.
  9. Visit a local children’s hospital and donate some gifts.
  10. Go for a walk, outside, and just be nice to people.
  11. Meet someone for coffee, and talk about life with them. Encourage them.
  12. Go through your Contacts list on your phone and call your family. Tell them that you love them, and see where the conversation goes.
  13. Bake something to share at work the next day. (Only if you like baking 🙂 This list isn’t supposed to add chores to your life.)
  14. If you’re religious, read your Bible. It’s a great way to learn and develop your ideas and understanding about what you believe.
  15. Pick up a pen and journal. Write about the things you don’t talk about.
  16. Write a thank you card to someone who has recently helped you.
  17. Get a stack of “Encouragement Cards,” write in them, and send them out.
  18. Leave positive reviews on companies that you enjoy working with or shopping with.
  19. Join a hobby group. It could be fitness related, something in the arts, a choir, etc.
  20. Practice a trade that you enjoy. Once you are good at it, then find ways to use that trade to help others.

**One bonus idea: If you’ve got your heart set on playing IPhone games, then play one that challenges and expands your mind. PEAK encourages learning through a series of games. Don’t waste your time when you could be using it wisely.

Free time is great until you get bored. Boredom can lead to laziness which, after a while, makes you feel awful. The next time you have free time, consider something on this list. Don’t let your free time turn you into couch potato or anti-social member of society. Get out there and do something. Part of our society today is putting a good focus on making differences and positive changes. Use this list to help you find that positive impact that you could be making in your spare, unused time.


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