Your Attitude vs. Their Attitude

As we step into the new year, we have the opportunity to intentionally better our own personal attitudes. Our attitudes are a part of our behavior that we can control, but in order to be in control, we must take control.

How many times has someone’s bad attitude been the source of your own bad attitude?

As individuals in a busy society, it is common for us to experience daily scenarios that cause us to have a bad attitude or be in a bad mood. No matter what the circumstance is though, it’s our choice to actually be in that bad mood or have that bad attitude.

5 Tips to Follow When Trying to Avoid
Someone Else’s Contagious Bad Attitude:

  1. Recognize their behavior as something that you do not want to mirror.
  2. Think of how you naturally want to respond. (Even if it’s bad, just acknowledge it.)
  3. Actively decide in your mind that you are not going to respond with that bad attitude.
  4. Consider better responses that you could share instead of the “knee-jerk” reaction.
  5. Select the best choice and carry out the better attitude.

Don’t let someone else’s bad attitude
be your excuse for a bad attitude.

Bad attitudes are contagious if you don’t know how to combat them. Learning how to expose your bad attitude before it happens will help you to fight the chain effect of someone else’s bad attitude.


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